The challenges in the Service Industry are not the same as they were a few years ago. Your competition is stiffer, everything is moving faster, and customers are more demanding.

Today, we live in an age where exceptional service is expected; and every single time your company fails to deliver an amazing experience. . .

  • You Lose Customers
  • You Lose Referrals
  • You Lose Dollars

In other words, for every customer lost. . . You Are Literally Burning Profit!
Let's face it, customers have all the buying power; and each experience with your company will influence their purchasing behavior in the future.

It's time to STOP wasting company time, energy, effort, and money putting out fires and START implementing solutions to prevent the flames.
From decades of conducting Profit Finding Audits™ for small business owners just like you, we are 99% certain you have profit trapped inside your company. . . right now . . . and one of the first places to look is your customer retention.
Do you realize the impact one moment can have?

In just one moment:

  • you can be asleep or awake
  • you can be happy or sad
  • you can be healthy or sick
  • you can have a problem or a solution
  • you can succeed or fail
  • you can be alive. . . or you can be dead

In the time it takes to BLINK- anything can be better or worse or different.

With that in mind, you must also understand that in a single moment you can win a customer or lose a customer.

It does not take much for a prospect to rule you out or for a loyal customer to date your competition. So you must make every moment count.

As we travel the globe conducting our signature Profit Finding Audit™, we frequently find. . .
. . . 6 very common profit traps that are easy to fix!
[1]. Are your web address and physical address easy to reach? Hard to remember URLS and difficult to find buildings can detour sales to your competition.

[2]. How is your customer greeted? Website, telephone, front door, drive-thru. . . your customer should feel welcomed and appreciated within the first 5 seconds.

[3]. Do you customize? Long gone are the days when customers shop for "one size fits all". You cannot be all things to all people but when you know your ideal customer - you can anticipate their wants and make offers accordingly.

[4]. What happens after the sale? Getting customers to the sale means you've won the battle BUT getting them to buy from you again and again and again. . . that's winning the war!

[5]. Is your policy clear? It is good to have a policy. It is even better to have a policy that allows your employees to break the policy.

[6]. What is your #1 priority? No matter what your answer - know that it shows. Your customers, both internal and external, see loud and clear what matters to you . . . and good, bad or ugly . . . it is impacting your profit margins!

In the time it took to read this article, you blinked approximately 20 times.
How many customers did you lose in those single moments?

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Do you have a "proven profit plan"?

Delivering value increases Visibility. Excelling quality builds Credibility. Making a difference breeds Profitability. . . and the combination is the most powerful instrument a Profitable CEO™ can develop.

Today and for a long time to come, your company can enjoy more sales, increased profits, and a higher ROI. Not only will customers continue choosing your company over the competition, they will also send repeat buyers your way.

Chances are... you probably wonder how you can build that kind of lasting connection with your customers. . . .

And you are not alone!

Profitable C.E.O. is the #1 consultancy strategy dedicated to increasing the Knowledge, Profitability & Influence of local small business owners.

Our team of experts are highly skilled at customizing a successful blueprint to help you keep customers and increase profit margins. We most often begin by conducting our signature Profit Finding Audit™ to examine your infrastructure’s flow to the customer and how it impacts your company profit - directly and indirectly.

After identifying what is being done and the intended "why" - we share our findings with recommendations for high impact solutions to increase your company'sRepeat Customer Revenue™ - from the inside out

. . . which is exactly why keeping your customers satisfied, engaged, and informed is no longer an option… it is a MUST.

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