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July 27, 2015
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August 13, 2015

Here are what I believe are the top 25 great questions that anyone who is or wishes to be a great leader will ask.

From Forbes via James Slavet of Greylock Partners: Questions great leaders ask themselves every day

1. What can I do to make sure my employees are consistently acknowledged and appreciated for what they do?

2. What can I do to to support my employees to stay open to learning and to keep getting better all the time?

From Forbes via Josh Linkner: What leaders ask their teams

3. What is everyone thinking, but nobody has the courage to say?

4. If someone was going to come along and put us out of business, what would he or she do?

5. Are we focusing on preserving the problem to which we are a solution, or are we innovating our way to success?

From Forbes via Brett Nelson: Questions you ask yourself under the hood

7. How committed am I?

8. Is my product/service a real business?

9. How much power do my customers have?

10. How much power do my suppliers have?

11. Does my business have a moat around it?

From Leadership Thoughts via Martin Webster: Questions you ask your teams

12. Is there anything I can do for you?

13. What can we do better?

14. What is holding us back?

From Talent Quest

15. Am I being honest?

16. Am I inspiring others?

17. Am I being courageous?

From Inc.Influential Leaders

18. I would like you to discuss my idea with your teammates. Will you see what they think, then give me completely unfiltered feedback?

From Center Source via Evan Owens

19. Where are we manufacturing energy?

From The Mojo Company: Just between you and the mirror

20. Do you rely completely on facts, logic, and proof? Or do you use intuition and foresight gut and instinct to balance those things?

21. Do you place an over-emphasis on speedand fast action? Or do you focus on gaining understanding; adapting to organizational environments; and balancing the need for progress with the need for appropriate buy-in, input, and decentralized decision-making?

22. Do you equate patience with indecision? Or do you value listening and observation in order to make good decisions?

23. Do you get annoyed when others wont think or act the way you want them to? Or are you thankful for the variety and use it as an opportunity?

24. Do you believe leadership is about control? Or do you believe leadership is about finding ways not to have so much of it?


25. Why? (Could it be anything else? Several sources suggest that asking why five times will get at the root of any problem.)

Image courtesy of leadingwithquestions.com