Are You Blocking Business Growth?

  • Is Someone Waiting On A Decision From You?
  • Is Something Waiting On A Review From You?
  • Is Self Care Waiting For You? (That’s a YES!)

Grab That To-Do-List and Let’s Get Things Done!

If you’re not making sales online… if you’re willing to change your destiny but don’t know where to start… if you wish you had a personal copywriter who would look over your shoulder and guide you through your editing process but can’t afford to hire a good one… then this message is for you.

Here’s why…
You can now replicate my results, as you walk through my system for the next few weeks and write all your sales pages, email campaigns and ads with absolutely zero experience.

And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this…

Intenton after intention with no success, even though you have planned to set aside time to work on your business and get things done…

Give up if this is what you want. I know because I almost did… ALMOST!

Even though I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours, I never really set a solid foundation in place that would generate sales from day one.

So, I decided to learn from people who already left this failing trail…

And I think you want the same for yourself.

Why Most People Won’t Ever Get There
Here’s Why It’s Not Working…

Most people won’t ever get there because they master the art of making the wrong moves. Picking up the wrong strategy, spending hours, days or even weeks running the opposite direction.

You know… their “truths” are off… And it’s not their fault… They’ve been taught to believe in them. But after all, it’s really not about strategies!

And YOU already know where this road leads… Running in circles scratching your head, wondering what happened.

Is this really the next thing you want to do?

The solution is simple… You don’t have what it takes to get sales.

And at this point, giving up on writing good copy may feel like the better option than taking more punishment doing work that feels like running through a minefield blindfolded with a target drawn on your back.

The truth is… if you haven’t improved after trying out several new strategies and tactics and reading tons of books, then there’s really nothing left to do other than take the plunge and master marketing psychology.

Here’s how…

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

You’ve absolutely got to have these 6 key systems in place in your business.

Let’s look at which ones you’ve already got working and which ones you want to implement – ASAP – to regain that sanity.

As you look at each system below, give yourself a rating – 0 to 5.  0 means it’s an area you haven’t put any systems in place for yet, and a 5 means you’ve got it covered and systems are rockin’ in that area, totally covered and generating clear extra profits for your business.  Ready?

#1 Credibility

  • Does your website establish clear authority and build your visibility? Is it up to date with your current offers and services?
  • Are your social media channels consistently branded?  Do you have new content consistently publishing on your profiles?
  • If you cringe or hesitate before you share your website URL… you gotta work on this one!

#2 Community

  • Do you have consistent processes for engaging and growing your community of loyal fans and clients on social media?
  • Are your community-building processes systemized/automated?
  • Can you step away for a week and know it’s happening without you?
  • Do you know where to go to find more of your ideal community members and engage them?

#3 Connection

  • Do you have a consistent plan for connecting with your prospects, clients and team?
  • Are you using online and offline channels to stay connected?
  • If one channel goes down, do you have backup connection options?
  • Are you leveraging your connection channels consistently?

#4 Communication

  • Got your communications under control?
  • Are your team members on the same page and does everyone have quick, easy access to everything they need?
  • Do you have the systems to handle customer support easily?
  • Do you have the right technology in place to support your communications without making you crazy?

#5 Capacity

  • Do you have clear SOPs and a reliable team?
  • Can you step back and know your business will run the exact way you want it to?
  • Do you know how to recruit, onboard and manage your team members?
  • Or are you spending more time managing people (or redoing the work they did for you) than doing the work you love?

#6 Client Care

  • Are you building an intentional customer journey that leads to growth by both repeat and referral business?
  • Is your client care system generating additional sales and creating referrals?
  • This is a critical system for any business that wants to survive long term – you cannot just focus on sales and hope clients are happy!

What’s Your score?

If you found yourself with all 5s… well, you may not have been totally honest with yourself.  And I’m going to challenge you a little bit… there’s ALWAYS room to improve your processes and create more profit by optimizing those systems!

If you mostly have 3s and 4s, you already see the value in systems and you’re getting them in place – congrats! 

If you’re looking at 1s and 2s, no wonder you’re stressed!!  How are you getting any sleep at all?  Let’s fix that…

And 0s?  We’ve got to talk.


* No credit card or deposit required, just a few quick questions to see if this program is a good fit for your business.

Everything you’re hearing is probably wrong…

Here’s the honest truth: most of us were never taught what systems to create or how to create them, right?

Everyone’s out there telling you that you’ve got to learn marketing and sales!

But without these 6 systems in place, all the marketing and sales in the world will only create a business that crushes you because you can’t keep up.

So what does your business really need?

Time for a coo?

Yep, what you need is a COO!  That’s a chief operations officer.  Now that’s a position that could cost you a cool $250k-$300k a year.  Wait – breathe – you don’t need to hire one yet!

I’ve created a small group program that brings the wisdom and systems of a COO to your business for less than a 10th of that.  Let me give you what you need – templates, tools, tactics – to build all 6 of these systems and support you and your team.

I can help you get it right the first time, build it smart, and save you endless HOURS of frustration.  Click to schedule a conversation and let’s see if you’re a fit for the My First COO program!

It might just be the solution you’ve been praying for on those sleepless work-all-night nights!  I’d love to help you escape the daily fires, reclaim your sanity, and find the freedom in your business again.  Because if you don’t get the foundational systems in place something is going to crash – either your business, or you!

Let’s fix it before the crash.  No more juggling.  No more wearing ALL the hats.  Get ready to put the processes in place that’ll support your scaling to 8-figures and beyond!

* No credit card or deposit required, just a few quick questions to see if this program is a good fit for your business.

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* No credit card or deposit required, just a few quick questions to see if this program is a good fit for your business.

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