What’s Your CEO Profit Profile?

The Results Are In

Based on your responses, your CEO Profit Profile™ is MASTER!

As a CEO Master, this mature phase of business offers opportunities to enter new markets and distribution channels.

You have well-developed systems, strong leadership skills, and a steady supply of financial resources – your major concern is expanding while maintaining the spirit of entrepreneurship.


The CEO Master faces three core hurdles:

Challenge #1:

Do I have time for the extensive research and planning required to enter a new market?

Challenge #2:

Do I add more products into already existing markets or expand to reach new markets and customers?

Challenge #3:

Should I seek traditional financing or investors to fund the expansion?



To earn a larger market share and discover new channels of profitable revenue generation.

#1 Consolidate revenue gains from rapid expansion.

You have successfully scaled your business, done the strategic planning, developed a talented management team, and separated both financial and operational ownership from the company.

At this stage, the CEO Master faces the major risk of stagnation characterized by ignorance of innovation and sustainability in the development process. To combat the risks, you need to be adaptive – anticipating and affecting changes in the market.

#2 Control the future of your business.

At this stage, many CEO Master’s hire a CEO to manage the challenges of an expansion. Other CEO Masters sell and move on to new horizons.

The CEO Master must determine their expectations from the business.

  1. Do I want to put in the time, money, energy, and effort to expand?
  2. Am I ready to quit and leave the business?


  • Can the company sustain more growth?
  • Are there enough opportunities to expand further?
  • Can company finances support an unsuccessful expansion?
  • Am I a risktaker?
  • Am I a visionary?
  • Do I have an exit strategy?


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