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February 6, 2015
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I am 100% in favor of asking for customer feedback – not just during a purchase but throughout the customer relationship, before and after the purchase.

However, there is a good, better and best way to go about obtaining “voice of the customer”.

For this P3 Quick Tip, I want to use my experience today at McDonalds.

Now, I am not a big fan of fast food but sometimes I just want those hot crispy french fries and their strawberry milkshake.

I used to dread going to McDonalds because the employees often had a super-sized (bad) attitude to go with those fries and I rarely had the patience to ignore it. But I must admit, I am impressed with the great improvement in McDonalds’ customer service – although still not consistent across the brand, it is a start.

Today, I noticed something I had never seen before, and I guarantee most customers are equally unaware.

For some reason, instead of just tossing my receipt like usual – I looked at it and was surprised to see an invitation to complete a survey right at the top of the receipt.

Here’s what was good:

  1. McDonalds provides a way for customers to give feedback.
  2. McDonalds offers an incentive for customers to complete the survey.
  3. McDonalds didn’t just use a window sign to promote the survey but rather placed the invitation on something the customer takes with them (the receipt).

Here’s what could have been better:

  1. When the customer is handed the receipt, McDonalds should tell them about the survey opportunity.
  2. The incentive was buy one get one free – of a specific item. Change the incentive to one free single menu item of the customer’s choosing.

Here’s what would be best:

  1. Provide a tool for the customer to complete the survey on the spot.
  2. Once the customer completes the survey, allow them to redeem their free item immediately.
  3. Improve customer engagement by assigning an employee to randomly interview customers throughout the week.


It’s one thing to say you want to know what customers think – it’s another thing when you make it easy for them to tell you. ~ Dr. Linette Montae