Does McDonalds Really Want To Know What Their Customers Think?
February 9, 2015
Stop! A One Size “Core Customer Metric” Does Not Fit All.
March 5, 2015

Many Marketing Experts insist there are only 3 ways to bring more money into your company. . .

#1- Raise your prices

#2- Bring in more customers

#3- Sell more per customer

McDonald’s has tried all three and based on their (2014) 4th Qtr. sales, none of these strategies is keeping customers from flocking to competitors like Shake Shack, Chipotle and SmashBurger.

I submit, there is another way to increase profit and it is really critical to the growth and success of your franchise.

#4- Focus on what you do best!

In fact, this is where I believe McDonald’s lost their way and woke up one day to find they had been dethroned.

Here’s the truth. When you spend waste time, energy and effort trying to be all things to all customers. . . you are LOSING BURNING MONEY!

I see franchise owners struggle, every single day, with what I call “on demand disease”. Also known as “have it your way syndrome“.

No matter what we call it, it’s a behavior that will drown your franchise and take your profit down with it.

The big allure of buying a franchise is having a built in “profitable” system but you must still operate your unit(s) in an effective, efficient and adaptable manner.

And following my Get P.A.I.D. formula will help you:

  1. Participate. Spend your time on what you do best! Sounds simple but it’s not always so easy when you have to follow the franchise system and adjust to corporate changes along the way. 
  2. Automate. In this day and time, there is a tool or plugin or widget or app for just about everything you need to do. If the task can be put on autopilot and done without you – Yes! By the way, never ever trade quality for automation. That’s not a good experience and your customers will prove it to you by leaving. [If you are having a hard time finding things to automate, give us a call.]
  3. Isolate. Find and get rid of tasks and services that are overlapping or unnecessary. We all have them, IF you are willing to look at your service delivery process with fresh eyes. This examination may be painful but it can quickly skyrocket your profit margins.
  4. Delegate. Let it go already – you cannot do everything! If the thought of empowering your employees to make decisions is causing you to hyperventilate – breathe and do it anyway.
3 keys to delegation success: train your people, treat them well and trust them. ~ Dr. Linette Montae