July 27, 2015

7 Pointers to Build a Strong Company Culture

Much like electricity which cannot be seen but empowers the devices, culture is an invisible force that drives beliefs, habits, rituals and outcomes of an organization. In fact, culture is a sum total of an organization’s shared values, behaviors, rituals, beliefs, attitudes, goals and practices. It exerts a powerful influence on day to day behaviors and choices of people. Yet, the truth is that most organizations are not aware about the current state of their culture. The thing about culture is – even when you are not consciously building a culture, it is still being formed by default based on […]
August 19, 2015

5 Tips for Minimizing Employee Turnover

No matter what vertical you’re in, high turnover rates are a problem. This problem is especially pronounced in the retail and service industries. As the economy continues to regain its footing and improve, turnover becomes a bigger problem. And the logic behind that is pretty simple. The more jobs that are available, the more people are looking to change jobs. So how do you keep your company’s turnover rate down? Here are five tips that can help. Improve Your Interview Process Most experts will tell you that the best way to decrease turnover is to hire the right people. And […]
September 23, 2015

5 Gifts Every Leader Should Give the Team

Leaders should always be looking for meaningful ways to give back to the team. Below are five gifts any leader can and should share all year long: The Gift of Trust: It is absolutely more than ok and necessary to be detail-oriented, but no one likes to be micromanaged. The leader who micromanages simply does not trust individuals on the team to do the job they were hired to do. When leaders let team members use their gifts, they quickly realize each individual team member’s value and contribution. When the team senses their leader’s trust they’re more likely to give […]
September 24, 2015

5 Steps to Building a Successful Talent Pipeline

Here 5 steps for filling your talent pipeline. Your success in building your talent pipeline is directly related to your ability to integrate these five steps into the way you do business versus an event-driven approach (i.e., once a year review of talent). Managing your talent pipeline is a broader and more integrated process than simply planning for successors to key positions. Step 1 – Plan Like any broad reaching initiative, two critical success factors are senior management involvement and alignment with your business needs and corporate values. Once you are confident that you can incorporate these two factors, consider […]
October 7, 2015

6 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement Right Now

It’s no secret that unhappy employees can have a serious impact on your company’s bottom line. From lost productivity to lowered quality of work to retention costs, it’s estimated that disengaged employees lose organizations between $450-500 billion each year. That’s a whole lot of moolah. However, the opposite is just as true, and an engaged workforce can dramatically improve company returns. In fact, the Harvard Business Review found that in comparison with dissatisfied workers, happy employees: Are 31% more productive Generate 37% more sales Are 3 times more creative Adding Pep to Their Steps So if it seems obvious that […]
October 13, 2015

How to Turn Your New Hire into a Great Employee

Finding a new hire takes a lot of time and money. In fact, it costs an average of $13,996 to replace an employee in private industries, according to the Center for American Progress. In some industries, it can cost as much as double the salary of the departed. That’s why you want to take the time to turn your new hire into a great employee. Here are ten things you can do to transform your new hire into the high-performing employee of your dreams. 1. Prepare for the first day Fifty-six percent of new hires think about leaving when there […]