August 26, 2015

7 Customer Experience Do’s & Don’ts Your Company Can’t Afford to Ignore

Customer Experience no longer lives in a Customer Service silo. Companies that want to remain relevant are increasingly spreading consumer insights across the entire organization. Experience has become a key differentiatorand that trend is expected to continue into the future as digital-savvy, connected consumers continue to expect immediate, personalized service. According to Gartner, delivering the experience is becoming as important as the product or the service itself when it comes to engaging and retaining customers[1]. The Guardian reported that customers who had the best experiences can spend 140% more than those with poor experiences and can remain customers for nearly […]
August 28, 2015

25 Tips for Earning Customer Loyalty

As most marketers have experienced at some point, it’s one thing to hook customers, another beast completely to retain them. Improving customer loyalty should be a priority, or those customers you worked so hard to convert could vanish before you even know what happened. To avoid that, here are 25 ways to better your company’s customer loyalty. 1. Share your values. To build a strong relationship with your customers, you have to share their values. According to a study by the Corporate Executive Board of 7,000 U.S. consumers who said they had a brand relationship “64% cited shared values as […]
September 3, 2015

How to Set Up an Unforgettable Emotional Experience for Your Customer

Imagine you are tasked with setting up two friends for a blind date. You think they’ll be a great match and will get along famously. You want this to happen. Here is what you are likely NOT to say as you introduce this idea to one of your two friends: He’s 5-10, 180 pounds, in generally good shape, sees his dentist on a regular basis, is mild in nature, good breeding material, has blood type O-positive, and he likes to do Sudoku puzzles. Gee, how could your friend possibly resist such a compelling and charming description as that?! This description […]
October 16, 2015

5 Ways To Sabotage Your Customer Experience

Sure, you may not intend to, but there are probably ways you, as the leader of your department or organization, are sabotaging the experience your customers have. And who can blame you? Today, leaders have more expectations with fewer resources. Were asked to report on reporting reports, meaning we spend more time saying what happened instead of making things happen. Time is limited and people are pressured. But if youre not careful, these steps may sabotage customer experience, leading to more customers complaining, leaving, then telling their 10 zillion Twitter followers why your company (and you) stink! Watch out for […]
October 20, 2015

Which Map Is That: Selecting the Right Customer Journey Map

People call different types of map, customer journey maps. Of course this makes it confusing when you’re talking to someone about what you’re trying to achieved. So today I’m going to layout the different types of map and where each is used. Why you would use a Journey Map? First things first: what do you use one for? The general goal of a journey map is to document the journey that a customer takes when interacting with an organisation. Understanding this journey is not nearly as obvious as it sounds. While you may think everyone in the organisation has a […]
October 21, 2015

The elements that matter most in the retail customer shopping experience

When it comes to shopping behavior, price is always a key motivator. However, to sustain a customer’s loyalty over the long term, retailers often find it valuable to focus on the customer experience. But which experiences are most important to shoppers? And how likely are they to influence a change in behavior? Which are the most profitable areas for retailers to focus on and which are the least? According to a recent Customer Experience and Impact study, sponsored by Synchrony Financial, there are four key shopping customer experience elements, out of 27 tested, that rose to the top. Moreover, 53 […]