Dr. Linette Montae, Pres. & COO

The Speaker
Dr. Linette Montae is a highly sought after presenter whose excellent credentials, credibility and “call it like it is” style have instilled great learning and results all across the globe.

Dr. Montae has extensive experience presenting to women leaders and corporate executives - delivering actionable challenges every time she speaks - through her customized love, learning and laughter style. Audience members have described Dr. Montae, also known as "The Game Show Speaker", as being “down-to-earth“, “knowledgeable“, “fun” and “genuinely interested in our success.”

Dr. Montae is on a mission to share her message of leveraging operational excellence to Keep Customers and Increase Profit Margins, from the inside out!

Dr. Montae also coaches high-level women to Lead with Unapologetic ShePower™ in business and in life. As a result of her passion and dedication, Dr. Montae has been honored on numerous occasions to include the “Think Bigger Award”, the “EmpowHERment Award” and induction into the “Women of Power” Hall of Fame.

Event Types

  • Business Conferences
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Leadership Forums
  • Radio & TV Interviews

Talk Topics

  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • Operational Excellence
  • Womens Leadership

Signature Presentations



"3 Keys Guaranteed to Keep Customers & Increase Profit Margins"

"STOP Burning Profit & Grow Your Bottom Line... Without More Sales"

"High-Tech Can Still Be High-Touch!"- 3 Strategies Proven to Engage Customers Long After the Sale

"What you do is Service, How you do it is Profitable!"- The 6 layer blueprint for building empires

Contact Dr. Linette Montae at (877) 3-PROFIT or drlinette@linettemontae.com
Dr. Montae's availability and speaking fee is based on presentation length, audience size and event location.
The Author
Dr. Linette Montae is a Business Success author who enjoys writing concise "how to" books her readers can quickly consume and implement.

In her first book, "Passion Won't Pay the Bills", Dr. Montae teaches new entrepreneurs how to build a business that makes money and makes a difference.

In her second book, "21 Ways to Add $100,00 to Your Business", Dr. Montae shares strategies to help growing entrepreneurs add multiple streams of income to their profit plan.

Now, after decades of corporate consulting, Dr. Montae will reveal some of her best secrets for helping multi-million dollar companies - Keep Clients & Increase Profit Margins.

Stay tuned for the release of Dr. Montae's third book. Coming Fall 2016!
  • This book is great for new and seasoned entrepreneurs from all kinds of industries, especially those wanting to break the hours-for-dollars cycle. I will definitely recommend this book.
    Michele Scism, CEO
    Decisive Minds
  • What's great is anyone who is looking to boost their income can find at least one tactic- probably more- they can implement pretty quickly to start generating more revenue.
    Shannon Cherry, CEO
    Author of 3 Amazon Best Sellers
  • Wow, there is so much information and great advice that if you don't pick this up and start reading it now... you are missing out!
    Tonya Hofmann, CEO
    Public Speakers Association
The Consultant
Dr. Linette Montae leads the hospitality industry as a highly sought after Profit & Performance Expert. Her clients call her "The Profit Finder" because she finds profit trapped inside your empire and she sets it free!

Dr. Montae’s education in psychology, executive leadership, and performance improvement; along with her natural gift for systems thinking and decades of experience improving business infrastructures - quickly positioned her as the "go-to" Operations Consultant with a flare for High-Tech High-Touch Marketing.

"The best way to increase profit margins is to increase Repeat Customer Revenue™ - and both require customer experience, employee engagement, and operational excellence." ~Dr. Montae

When Dr. Montae is not traveling the globe conducting Profit Finding Audits™, she can be found presenting at conferences and hosting exclusive invitation-only events for high-level executives.

In addition to being a nationally acclaimed speaker, award-winning results strategist, and Forbes Coach... Dr. Linette Montae has authored two books, been published in various magazines, and featured on TV and radio.
The Philanthropist
Dr. Linette Montae is passionate about empowering women and girls with the knowledge, tools and opportunities to grow beyond their circumstances and rise as strong leaders. In addition to donating money to a variety of causes, Dr. Montae also donates time in the form of speaking, coaching and mentoring . . .

To help Domestic Violence & Abuse Survivors remain free from mental, physical and emotional bondage to pursue their goals and live their dreams.

To help women start and build businesses that enable them to thrive and improve the economic climate in which they live.

To see teen girls “Inspired to Believe & Empowered to Lead!” because “given the right space, tools and training; ALL teens can succeed”.