The challenges in the Hospitality Industry are not the same as they were just a few short years ago.

Your competition is stiffer, everything is moving faster and customers are more demanding.

Today, we live in an age where exceptional service is expected; and every single time your company fails to deliver an amazing experience. . .

  • You Lose Customers
  • You Lose Referrals
  • You Lose Dollars

In other words, for every customer lost. . . You Are Literally Burning Profit!

Let's face it, customers have all the buying power; and each experience with your company will influence their purchasing behavior in the future. It's time to STOP wasting company time, energy, effort and money putting out fires and START implementing strategies and solutions to prevent the flames.

We guarantee there's profit trapped inside your hotel, right now and we will find it in 60 seconds!
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How We Serve

Our team of experts are highly skilled at customizing successful solutions to help you keep customers and increase profit margins. We most often begin by conducting a Profit Finding Audit™ to examine your infrastructure’s flow to the customer and how it impacts your company profit - directly and indirectly.

After identifying what is being done and the intended "why" - we share our findings with recommendations for high impact solutions and/or strategies to increase Repeat Customer Revenue™ - from the inside out.

How We Connect
Hospitality Influencers Network is a high-level collaborative of Independent Owners, Franchisees, C-Suite Executives and Senior Managers from around the globe sharing a broad range of perspectives on thought-provoking topics that affect the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism industry.

We are leaders from hotels, resorts, restaurants, day spas, country clubs, cruise lines, transportation, and the like... sharing ideas, asking questions, and enjoying high quality engagement on issues related to customer experience, hiring & retention, operations, revenue optimization, company culture, marketing, sales, industry trends, technology, and leadership.

We invite contributions that help make Hospitality Influencers Network a dynamic group of top-tier decision makers sharing successful industry methods and approaches.


We facilitate Executive Roundtables and Power Breakfasts in major cities around the country "by invitation only".

AND to meet the growing requests we receive from industry leaders, we created a brand new LinkedIn Group.

What you do is Service... How you do it is Profitable!

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